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My Waifu >D : :iconporterstiel:
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RL best friends
Are you a boy or a girl? (Many people mistake me for a girl :U )
Im a boy...Sorry the name IS confusing ain't it?
How old are you?
14 years old....==;;
Are you gay? Or Bi or what?
I prefer guys but there been a couple girls so I guess Im bi. But I consider myself gay.
What programs do you use?
Paint Tool Sai - the occasional MS paint or Photoshop but rarely.
Do you have a tablet?
Wacom intous 4 ^^;; best tablet and I suck FFFF
YES! I'm lonely!!!
I lubb you Bailey!
I love you too Hailey!


Sun Jul 31, 2011, 3:55 PM
01-[x] You like to be content in everything.
02-[x] When a person confesses his/her love to you and you don't like him/her, you start feeling very tense and/or you don't know what to say.

03-[] You enjoy listening to smooth and relaxing music.
04-[x] You are quite hyperactive.
05-[ ] If you don't like something, you start crying and you don't care if you start talking too loud.

06-[X] You love candies or any type of caramel. YES >W<
07-[x] You like making others blush.(;3)
08-[X] You sleep with a doll/ teddy bear/ pillow in your hand. (Woly, Max (my dog), or a pillow)
09-[] You're usually shy with the opposite sex . ;3 nope.
10-[x] You like romantic- funny anime.
11-[X] Between L or Light cosplay, you prefer L.
12-[x] You have listened "an café". (YES!!!)
13-[x] You like listening to it (YESS)
14-[x ] You have 1 or 2 song on your computer of "an café". (:3 just one but still)
15-[/] You are innocent and a little clumsy. (clumsy though)
16-[x] You smile at kitties.
17-[x] You usually say –kawaii-. (not in comments but I'll say it to myself)
18-x] You like plushies. QwQ y-yes...
19-[x] Between light blue and blue, you prefer light blue. (I like dark color but I dont like dark blue)
20-[x] You hate Paris Hilton because she is an idiot.
21-[x] You have been lost in a shopping center/parking/cinema.
22-[x] You have called to the mistaken number twice or more.
23-[ ] You cried with Pocahontas' ending. :3 nope~
24-[] You have used a very feminine dress or skirt. XD

25-[x] You call your pets with cute names. (Maxy or Bubba)
26-[x] You believe that yaoi/yuri is the best. (go yaoi!)
27-[] You're easily to trick/convince.
28-[ ] Yome men scare you.
29-[ ] You have seen Pucca and you like it.
30-[] You have pink/red clothes or they are decorated with flowers.
31-[] Sometimes you start looking at the clouds and you get lost in space.
32-[x] You've said "Kyao" or something like that before. (Kya ~)
33-[x] When a person of your same sex gets angry with you, you're at the defensive. (yes?)
34-[x] You like j-pop. (Duuhhhh)
35-[x] You have cried for more than one movie/TV series. ( =.= I get involved in deaths.)
36-[ ] You watched gravitation and you felt like Shuichi-you watched strawberry panic and you felt like Nagisa. (??)

37-[x] You smile with no reason.
38-[x] You usually are very positive.
39-[x] When there's a rainbow, you run out to see it. (FUCK YEAH)
40-[] You usually don't understand what your parents say.

24 1/2

  • Listening to: My Axe
  • Reading: Rereading Pendragon series
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: Robot Unicorn Attack
  • Eating: Doritos
  • Drinking: V8 Smoothie


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